GOOD ADVICE UK and its well-experienced innovative and hard working business immigration team can assist entrepreneurs and corporate clients in reaching their organisational immigration objectives by maintaining the desired skilled workforce of talented immigrants while complying with all the UK immigration rules and policies.


The business immigration services are mainly targeted at corporate clients however the services benefit and assist also a wide range of client base including individuals and their families.


GOOD ADVICE UK offers immigration advice and specific guidance to:


- Tier 1 Entrepreneurs

- Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurs

- Tier Exceptional Talent and Promise

- Employer Sponsor Licence Applications

- Tier 2 Skilled Migrants including Intra Company Transfers and Religious Workers

- Tier 4 Academic and Educational Sponsors

- Tier 5 Migrants including Government Authorised Exchange and Youth Mobility Scheme

- Employers, business compliance duties including HR policies and preventing illegal working

Setting-Up a UK business   ​​

Why the UK?

Known internationally to be politically and economically safe for many individuals and businesses. The UK has a favorable climate for businesses, entrepreneurs and foreign investors given its relatively welcoming immigration policies geared toward investors and wealth creators.


The UK is an ideal place to start a business or grow an existing buiness with incentives that include factors such as the UK being the third cheapest country in the world to start a business according to the Legatum Institute.


The UK has one of the lowest Corporation Tax rates in the G20 and the second largest labour force in Europe and hosting 4 of the World's top 10 universities.


Registing a company for a new business takes less than 3 hours.


How can we help?

If you would like to set up or take over an existing business in the UK, we would be happy to assist you in reaching your business objectives in a way that will also achieve your permanent residence and citizenship objectives. 


We work closely with other specialist services providers and collaborate with a diverse network of professionals including Business Analysts, Chartered Accountants, Property Lawyers, Banking Professionals, Family Lawyers, Mortgage Specialists, Finance Experts and other professionals who will competently assist with the commercial aspects of starting a business in the UK.


We endeavour to be one-stop for your business and immigration needs.


We are able to outsource crucial services to businesses including drafting solid business plans that best descripe business goals with an indepth market research analysis providing an insight into the UK market.


We are able to guide and advise on most of the UK regulatory requirements needed for start-ups.


We are able to provide businesses invoving foreign nationals either by having directors or by employing foreign staff with the necessary ongoing support in order to fully comply with the UK immigration rules and regulations. 


We are able to provide trusted introductions to othe arms in the field of financial services, banking and assest management.



GOOD ADVICE UK is able to offer services to support you in establishing your new business

and realising your objectives by experiencing growth while complying with the immigration rules

and pacing your journey towards Permanent Residence and British citizenship.


If you would like to discuss your business venture or would like more information about our scopre of services,

you are welcome to contact us by email to book an appointment to discuss your requirements.



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