GOOD ADVICE UK is a dynamic London based law firm specialising in immigration law.  Proudly committed to providing expert, direct and high-standard legal advice and support with a no-nonsense approach in order to genuinely assist clients in realising their immigration objectives in the UK.


Our immigration services are customised and uniquely tailored to particular clients’ requirements. Our multilingual, qualified and experienced team is well informed and always abreast of the constantly changing immigration policies, ensuring the delivery of accurate and up to date advice.


We provide a range of immigration services directed to businesses and individuals on all immigration matters in the UK. We advise and represent clients on immigration matters such as settlement, citizenship, points based system applications, European applications, Freedom of Movement EU applications, visitor applications and many other categories.


We have been serving a diverse range of clients including international businesses, high net-worth clients, executives, professionals, celebrities, entrepreneurs and also individuals of modest financial means.


Our client come from countries around the globe and our past operations afforded our team with expert knowledge on the application process in countries such as China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, UAE, Russia, Algeria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Yemen.



We value and respect our clients, therefore we always strive to provide them with a friendly yet professional service, that is tailored especially to meet their individual needs.  We empower our clients and make them realise that their rights can be obtained with confidence.   Consequently, we have been receiving a significant amount of case referrals from previous clients and even from other law firms specialising in other areas of law which we believe is a clear demonstration of our success.


GOOD ADVICE UK is registered in England and Wales as a Limited Company By Shares. Our Companies House Registration Number is: 06962398 and we are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).



GOOD ADVICE UK is also authorised by the Information Commissioner Office in the UK and is a member of major legal organisations operating in the legal and immigration sectors including JCWI and ILPA.



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