Economic and labor market impacts of the Tier 1 Entrepreneurial and Investor migrants

GOOD ADVICE UK Social Impact Commitment

Skilled migration contributes to new business formation and new employment. More broadly, more diverse workforces may help firms generate new ideas, or better access international markets by lowering transaction costs. Conversely, migrant entrepreneurs may face institutional constraints.


Entrepreneurship is important as it has the ability to improve standards of living and create wealth, not only for the entrepreneurs themselves but also for their employees and related businesses. Additionally, it helps drive change, innovation, and new and improved products to enable new markets to be developed. Economy wise, higher earnings can help to boost national income and tax revenue. Entrepreneurs contribute in various other ways, such as investing in community projects and supporting local charities.


Our GOOD ADVICE UK Business Team has assisted more than 500 entrepreneurs throughout the years to come to the UK and start their businesses. In addition, we have also assisted more than 400 Sole Representatives of Overseas Businesses to bring their innovative products and services to the UK market.


Our work has an undeniable meaning to us and we invest our passion in everything we do – not only helping entrepreneurs to come to the UK and reside lawfully but also to better understand the UK corporate legislation and market habits.

Recently, our team has assisted many innovative entrepreneurs, but we are proud of helping our client K.O. to come to the UK and set-up a pharmaceutical company, which is exporting important and scarce medication to the Middle East and Africa, providing the locals with essential cures and preventive drugs to those who need it the most. 

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