Human Rights

GOOD ADVICE UK Social Impact Commitment

Supporting a worthy cause has always been a part of our philosophy. The protection of human rights is within our area of expertise and we stream our efforts to help as much as possible.


GAUK has concluded over 100 successful asylum cases in the last 5 years in addition to over 200 detailed consultation sessions providing guidance to applicants.


The recent distressful events and the civil wars in Syria and Iraq, coupled with the political unrest throughout the broader Middle East, has led one of the biggest humanitarian crises of the century. GAUK’s legal assistants remain committed to alleviating the suffering of victims and asylum seekers of egregious violations of human rights law and aims to guide and support through the legal immigration aspect of their socio-political severities.


Nowadays, the significant political volatility, cutbacks in governmental funding aimed for access to justice, it becomes vital that we as firm and as individuals contribute to help those who are in critical need for assistance with their legal matters and make positive social impact.

Case Example


Our client O.G. who took part in the Arab spring had a difficult and lengthy immigration situation with the UK Home Office. Our client was needing asylum protection, human dignity and social justice in a democratic state. After protesting in Tahrir Square in Cairo he became a target of the current regime for his political activism. He moved to Turkey, but after a short holiday, he was not allowed to return. Our client was separated from his wife and two sons, aged seven and nine, he was unable to work and was desperate to be reunited with his family. Our client was chased, attacked and threatened and his house in Egypt was destroyed. 


Our client claimed asylum in the UK, while his wife and his children were still in Istanbul. His application was a lengthy and difficult process, however, GAUK Team did not give up and our client has now been granted and reunited with his family. We are proud to help our clients in difficulties and we do not give up on fighting for them when it seems impossible to succeed.                                                                                                                                                                       

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